Tim and I, along with two of our other couple friends, attended an Alex Reymundo show at Penguins Comedy Club last night.  Alex, and the opening act, Beck Something?  Something Beck?, were actually pretty funny.  Of course, there were the typical, endless sex jokes, and the language was atrocious, but my stomach hurt from laughing so hard.  The funniest moments were the extemporaneous ones – where the comedian would go off on a tangent based on something happening unexpectedly.  All-in-all, it was a good show.  I could have done with 90 fewer b.j. references, but Tim helped me understand the reason for those.  The comedian is constantly trying to keep the rowdy, bucket o’ beer drinking audience engaged, so he constantly has to dumb down the comedy  in order to prevent himself from getting heckled to death.  Drunk frat boys think penis references are the bees knees, I guess.

A very odd thing happened at the show, however.  As I was watching the comedian, I would start to space out and feel as if I was watching TV in our living room at home.  Then, suddenly, I would remember that I was 10 feet away from the live entertainment, in a room full of strangers.  It was a little disconcerting, and it made me feel kind of anxious.  What was even stranger was that Tim experienced the exact same sensation!  I think it’s caused by the darkened room, coupled with the predictable laugh-track response after each joke.  It was unsettling.  I still really enjoyed the show, but next time I think I’ll ask to sit in the back.  I always feel more at ease when I’m close to an exit.

Still no post including the watercolor pictures, I know.  Again, I solidly blame Tim.  I don’t know how to get the pictures from the camera onto my computer, and I don’t want to know how.  I balance the checkbook, and Tim transfers the pictures.  That’s just how it is.

We actually had a pretty productive day today (outside of not making my promised post).  I updated our check book and budget, booked our hotel rooms for the trip to Florida, did some laundry, went  to the gym, did a little shopping (I got 2 dresses for our trip.  Hopefully someone I know will get married or have a party, so I will have more than one opportunity to wear them), and got groceries.  Not bad for sleeping in until 8AM.

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