Treats, Precious?

I’ve read lots of articles about what NOT to Tweet or Facebook about (google “What not to tweet,” and you’ll see).  I agree with some of what those articles say – why anyone would update their status on Facebook to say, “On a conference call” is beyond me, but I’ve seen it done.  One thing I don’t agree with, however, is these authors’ railing against food updates.  I, for one, am super interested in what people eat.  I enjoy reading status updates/tweets about what people are cooking and/or eating.  I enjoy sharing what Tim and I are cooking/eating as well.  To get to the root of the matter, it’s probably my way of reducing my level of guilt about eating bad food.  And by bad food, I mean food that is bad for me, not food that tastes bad.  Although, I have shared that as well.  People in my social network are generally very supportive of bad food choices (probably because it makes them feel less guilty about their own bad food choices).  Maybe I am the anomaly, and other people don’t care at all what is going into my craw.  But, they do have the option of not reading my post, right?  So, I will continue to update the world on my eating habits.

For example, I think this is interesting.  I ate Mexican food not once, but twice yesterday.  And I ate it the day before as well.  This situation was not really of my own engineering.  On Thursday, I got invited out to lunch, and the invitor wanted Mexican, so Mexican we ate.  We ate at La Guadalajara, which is a passable joint in the town in which I work.  I tried their chicken torta (for anyone who doesn’t know, that’s a Mexican sandwich that’s built using a huge bun. It’s slathered with refried beans, grilled chicken, jalapenos, cheese, onions, avocado, and Oh yes, mayonnaise).  I wanted to compare their torta to the gold standard – El Olmito’s.  I tell you more about that later.  La Guadalajara’s torta was good, but not awesome.

On Friday, one of my old friends and former workmates made the 45 minute drive to have lunch with Laura and me.  We just had to take him to El Olmito, so he could try the famed sandwich for himself.  Plus, Laura is preggers and overworked, and the only treatment for that is a big, fat El Olmito torta. So, I had to eat Mexican yet again.  But, man, was it delicious.  El Olmito tortas are a thing of legend.  They use all the same ingredients as La Guadalajara, but it is just so much better.  They also have two types of hot sauce/salsa – red and green, that put the sandwich over the top.  It was delicious.  Everyone thought so.

Tim had to work last night, so I walked to meet him at Brady Street Stadium.  We wanted to eat at a place within walking distance, so our options were limited.  We just ate at Filling Station last week, so we went to Los Agaves.  The food was fine, not awesome.  I don’t think that any food that comes out 5.6 minutes after you order it can blow your mind.  We wish there was a more authentic Mexican restaurant in the Quad Cities.  The closest we’ve ever found is La Primavera, which, like El Olmito, is a little restaurant in the back of a Mexican grocery store.  I haven’t eaten there for years, ever since I stopped working in downtown Moline.  I’ve heard their tortas are super good, too, though.

So, it’s Saturday.  I probably shouldn’t eat Mexican again, unless I plan on exercising for 4 hours today.  Maybe we’ll grill out.  It’s looking like a beautiful day, so that would be perfect.  First of all, however, I need to make some breakfast.  We have delicious refrigerated english muffins that are just waiting to be toasted, drizzled with olive oil and topped with smoked salmon and poached eggs sprinkled with sea salt.  Delicious.

For anyone reading this who doesn’t know me, I want to clarify that I am not super fat.

You’ll note I categorized this post under “Health and Fitness.”  That is solely done to irritate someone – you know who are.

1 thought on “Treats, Precious?

  1. Laura

    I find that I want to eat Mexican quite frequently…it’s just so darn good!

    El Omito’s was delious. I almost felt bad about pulling you away from Thai (also delicious) but one bite of the torta and I knew all was good. 😉


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