Sunday Sunny Sunday

Yes, yes, I know.  It’s a beautiful day outside – why am I inside writing a blog post?  ‘Cause I feel like it, that’s why.  So there.

It really is a beautiful day.  I picked up an apple fritter and bavarian cream-filled long john for Tim and me for breakfast (no judging – it’s a holiday weekend) and some coffee from Starbucks.  We read the paper out on the back patio, and it was perfect – the birds were singing, the sun was shining, Lucent was peeing on my pepper pots.  We retreated back to the house when the sun started to crest the roof-line, and I made some boiled eggs.  We’re going on a bike ride today, so we need something more substantial than coffee and doughnuts.  The eggs were delicious.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this yet – Tim finally got road bike.  He found it on Craigslist a couple weekends ago.  It’s a Cannondale from the late 90s.  It’s is in amazing shape – looks almost brand new.  We bought it from a bike enthusiast in Bettendorf.  He bought it from someone else, just because it was a good deal.  He already has a dozen bikes, so he decided to sell it.  Since we currently have no working way to transport bicycles, Tim rode it home.  The seller recommended getting a hitch bike rack – said they are inexpensive and secure.  I called the garage next to my office, and they want FOUR HUNDRED dollars to install a hitch – a hitch that only needs to be strong enough to hold two super-light bikes.  I need to check around and see what other places charge.  Tim and I have also discussed getting the Ranger in our garage operational again.  For so many reasons, it would be nice to have a working truck.

Tim really likes the new wheels.  I have to say, though, that he was much easier to keep up with when he was on his Hard Rock, and I was on my Avail.  Now, he can just fly!  It’s good for me, though – makes me work harder.

So, today I look forward to a great day of bicycling, evening out the tan line I accidentally got last weekend (we’re going to a wedding on Saturday, and I don’t want to look two-toned in my dress), maybe doing a little shopping, a little work, and maybe finally getting some Mexicana from Great River.  Hopefully they are open today.

I hope you have an awesome Memorial Day weekend!

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