Wind in the leaves

Today was a very productive day for many reasons.  As previously mentioned, I jogged.  I also did a little yoga.  I tried to find a good hatha yoga video on Youtube, but the ones I found were either too hard or too new-agey.  I found a great one 2 weeks ago, but I neglected to bookmark it, so I must start the search anew.

Before heading out to run, however, I did a little quick house cleansing.  I say “cleansing” and not “cleaning” for a reason.  I didn’t clean anything, I just went through some book shelves, closet shelves, and bins in the basement and sent Tim off to Salvation Army with about 4 bags/boxes of old board games, books, and clothes.  Lightening our material load just feels so nice – at least until we get a hankering for The Simpsons Trivia, and we cannot play it.

I also attempted to cut Tim’s hair.  As I was putting on the 1/2″ clip guard it went and broke right in half.  After lunch we headed to Sally’s to pick up a replacement guard.  Once at the store, we couldn’t remember, for sure, which kind of clippers we have.  Tim swore up and down that we have a Wahl clipper, but I was 99% certain it was an Oster.  Tim was so certain that he bet me $20 that we had a Wahl.  Ha!  I am now $20 richer with absolutely no effort.  I should gamble more often.

We also, finally, went to Michaels and ordered a frame for the awesome Aphex Twin painting that has been chilling out in our computer room for years now.  I won’t say it’s “our” painting per say.  It technically belongs to Benny, but I think we’re legally married to it under common law.  So we’re getting it framed.  It will soon be placed prominently in our computer room/guest bedroom to creep out any and all guests.

We returned home, took the Luce out for a poop-inducing walk, and then retired to the back lawn for some lounging, reading, beer-drinking (Great River Roller Dam Red), and pretzel-eating.  The weather was absolutely perfect.  Totally perfect.  It was shady, breezy, cool, and sunny, musical and peaceful.  So beautiful.  It’s hard to believe in the existence of evil, on an afternoon like that.

I am still wading through Delta Wedding.  I’m sure Eudora Welty is brilliant, but she exhausts me.  Quit dancing around the subject and speak plainly.  It’s like reading paragraphs of poetry.  I’ve never really been into poetry (unless it’s my own, because then I can actually figure out what it’s trying to say).  One big book of it is just too much.  I will finish it, however, because I am slightly interested in what is happening with these damn Fairchilds.  Why write a book about a family that is super self-absorbed?  To be fair and punish them, they should be the LAST family to write a book about.  Show them how truly uninteresting they truly are.  Man.

I also got some laundry done and 2 or 3 rows of Benny’s blanket.  I’m working on the heather grey section, and it is just really pretty.

Back to work tomorrow.  No more sunshine, lounge chairs, and mind-stretching books for me.  At least not for another 5 days.

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