Slipping out of the saddle (the power of an annoying chihuahua)

So…um…yeah, I didn’t go to the gym this morning.  It’s all Lucent’s fault, I swear!  That damn dog woke up at 3AM and started roaming around the bed, coughing a little for extra effect.  He is a little on the elderly side and during the night he cannot see the doggy steps we have set up for him, so he just roams around, sticking his cold, wet nose into our faces until one of us caves and gets out of bed, picks him up, and then sets him on the floor, so he can go do whatever it is that 14-year-old chihuahuas must do at 3AM.  Of course, he is too scared to climb the stairs when he is ready to come back to bed, so all we hear are teeny tiny puppy paws clicking around and around the bed.  One of us has to get up, chase Lucent down (because he runs away for some reason when we try to retrieve him.  I think he thinks it’s a game), and put him back on the bed, where he can burrow under the covers and sleep for 8 more hours.

Since I was awake at 3, you would think that I would just get out of bed at 4:20 and go to the gym, as my alarm clock told me to.  But, I was pissed at life due to being woken up an hour earlier than I should have been, so I stubbornly stayed in bed until 5:45.  It’s all Lucent’s fault and has nothing to do with my lack of willpower.

I really need to go tomorrow morning.  As leader of our Live Healthy team at work (Team “We’re Losin’ It!” – my idea, which I think is horribly clever.  I love double entendres!), I am setting a very bad example.  I think I have actually gained weight since the challenge began.  I’m sure this is due to my Mexican food addiction and Spring fever getting into my blood and making me hungry.  I’m super snacky, which is a bad, bad thing when all I do for work is use my brain. I guess I use my fingers too, for typing, but I doubt that really melts away the calories.

Tomorrow is another day and another opportunity to listen to my head instead of my sluggardly body.  But, it is supposed to snow tonight…

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