The beauty of seven

I’ve started writing a couple of posts lately and have ended up deleting them.  I recently changed jobs – actually, more to the point, I recently changed life styles.  It’s been a huge change for me, and I’m still trying to figure out what I think about it and how I feel about it.  Normally, I would write about this sort of experience, but it’s very personal, and I don’t want to entangle my work life with my personal life.  Plus, I’m afraid that in writing about my feelings, in the exploration of those feelings, I will end up writing something that I don’t truly believe or feel, but I won’t realize it immediately.  But, yet, it will be out there, said indefinitely for anyone in the world to read, including the HR personnel of any and all companies.  So, I best wait until I figure out exactly how I feel about this, which will probably only be at my deathbed because my feelings about anything constantly flux until the end is known.

But, since this pathway of public mental exploration is closed to me, I’ve been struggling to write anything on this blog.  I can’t think of anything to write about, which is unfortunate as part of the reason I made this lifestyle change is to give myself more time to write.  So I’ve resorted to taking suggestions from WordPress itself.  WordPress writes a blog about things to blog about.  I found this topic interesting.

My favorite number.  Hmm.  I really love the number 7.  Maybe it’s because I was born in 1977.  Maybe because 7 means completeness.  It’s a holy number.  Maybe it’s because George Costanza wanted to name his child Seven.  I think that’s an awesome idea.

Wikipedia has lots of interesting things to say about the number 7.  The number 7 is so awesome, in point of fact, that I think everyone’s favorite number should be 7.


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  1. We must get together to catch up…I also struggle with appropriate blog topics and have often deleted many potential posts for various reasons. Sometimes I feel like I should keep an old-school (re: paper) journal for two reasons: 1. Because I still have a love for physical writing. 2. So I can extract all these thoughts that may not be suitable for Internet eyes.

    Anyway, my favorite number is also 7 (not sure why?!) and I’m dying to hear about your new lifestyle!

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