Healthy Beans & Rice

I ended up working from home today because the internet at work was out.  That meant, amongst other things, that I pretty much ate everything that was edible in the house.  So for lunch, I had to get creative.  Tim had made some delicious brown rice on Sunday.  He mixes a little wild Ojibwa rice (from Greatest Grains) with some brown basmati rice and then cooks the whole bunch in chicken broth.  Wow, I almost wrote, “chicken juice.”  Chicken juice sounds gross, but chicken broth sounds delicious.  Yet they are exact same thing.  Ah, the power of language.

ANYWAY, Tim made some delicious rice of which we still had plenty left over.  I got creative and mixed the rice with about 1/2 a can of Aduki beans (excellent for a weak spleen) in a pot on the stove.  When it was all hot, I put it in a bowl, drizzled it lightly with olive oil, doused it thoroughly with Sriracha, and peppered it heavily with salt.  It was, I must say, absolutely delicious.  Feel free to steal my idea.

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