Primal Day 2

As promised, I will not bore you with pictures and extensive details of everything I ate today.  Here are the quick highlights.

  • I didn’t weigh myself this morning.  See,  I didn’t take a shower this morning, and I only weigh myself before I’ve eaten anything and when I’m nekked.  I don’t want clothing to tip the scales at all.  So, no shower, no weigh-in.
  • For breakfast I ate a super delicious omelet of sautéed (in coconut oil) leeks, spinach, and onions, with 1/4 an avocado.  For those of you who think I mis-spelled “omelet” I direct you to Wikipedia, which says you can spell it “omelet” OR “omelette.”  Tim and I just had a 5 minute discussion about it.  But, I’m off topic.  After breakfast I felt, to borrow a phrase from my brother, Nate, “amazing.”  I had a ton of energy and felt as if I could take on the world.  The sky was prettier, Lucent was cuter, the air was sweeter.  You know – all sorts of good stuff.  My general mood and feeling of well-being could have been enhanced by my visit to my chiropractor last night, admittedly.  She uses the Lifeline Technique, which to quote her website is, “An amazing tool that taps into our subconscious mind to find the causes behind symptoms and unlocks the mysteries to your health’s unanswered questions.”  It sounds a little far out, but it really works for me.  It’s good for what ails ya.  Or me, at least.  OK, back to primal.
  • Lunch was complicated today.  I attended a Chamber luncheon function, which fortunately consisted of salad and then the fixings for sandwiches. I got some salad and a couple slices of roast beef, a pickle, and a tomato slice.  As we were already the first ones in line, I didn’t want to look ultra-greedy, so I took a very modest amount.  It did not fill me up.  So I was snacky this afternoon, but I only ate pumpkin seeds and macademia nuts.
  • That late afternoon snack really energized me.  I took advantage of our 50+ degree weather and went for a walk after work.  I intended to just walk, but once I hit the bike path, I was all like, “Hey, let’s jog.  Why not?”  And I ended up running for 2 miles!  Albeit at a very slow pace.  But, I haven’t jogged since, I don’t know, early November, maybe?  I felt as if I could have gone another mile, but at 5:15, the darkness was already settling in, so I headed home. It was so beautiful being out at that time, though, as dusk was settling in, the sky turning orange and coral and mauve.  So beautiful and peaceful.  Almost peaceful enough to forget that the atomic clock got moved forward a minute.  Sad face.
  • As I mentioned yesterday, I forgot to take meat out of the freezer in time, so we didn’t really have a good entree.  Tim ended up making a monster salad, and I sautéed spinach, celery, leeks, onions and broccoli in coconut oil, and then tried my hand at another omelette (I spelled it the other way, just for you).  It seems like such an easy thing to make, but it was giving me fits.  The eggs got cooked eventually, but it wasn’t pretty.    It was an OK omelet, not as good as this morning’s though.  Maybe too many ingredients?  Too busy?  The broccoli had no place in that omelette, really.   Seems so obvious now.
  • For an after-dinner dessert, I had a small square of a Green & Black Organic 85% dark chocolate bar.  Yes, the bar cost almost $4, which the clerk at HyVee was gracious enough to point out when we commented on ample size of our bill.

And that brings us to right now.  I am drinking tea and writing in my blog.  Oh, we watched an episode of Lost too.  What in the heck is going on in that show?!

Mark Sisson recommends adjusting your schedule to the sun’s natural rythms – wake up when the sun comes out and go to bed, or at least wind down (no digital stimulation) after dark – use candles if possible or yellow bug lights or dimmer switches.  It’s obvious he lives in California, because if I tried that in Iowa, I would be getting up at 7:28AM and going to bed at 4:51PM (thank you to Tim for the exact sunrise & sunset times).  That’s not really feasible to me.  I may try the yellow lights in our lamps and see how that goes.

So, Day 2 is behind me.  Only 19 more to go!  One of my friends at work has promised to bring me in some deer meat, so you get to look forward to my review of that.  Bet you can’t wait.

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