Primal Day 3

Today overall was good.  Had another omelette for breakfast and a big-ass salad for lunch.  I got snacky this afternoon and discovered a delicious treat – celery with macademia nuts.  Take a bite of celery, a piece of macademia, and chew together.  Delicious.  I also had wwwwaaayyyy too many pumpkin seeds.  They were so salty and delicious.  I ate too many.

For supper I tried a recipe from the Primal Blueprint Quick and Easy Meals – sautéed brussel sprouts with pork chops.  I’ve never made brussel sprouts before, but I was willing to try it.  In this recipe, you shred the brussel sprouts in a food processor.  All shredded they look like this:

It makes a mess, but it’s done in a jiffy.  You warm up 1/4 cup of olive oil in a pan, and sautee the sprouts until they start to turn brown.

While those were cooking, I rubbed some pork chops with Spike and then cooked them in some olive oil in a cast iron skillet.  Tim made brown rice to carb it up, but I didn’t partake. By the time the meal was cooked, the kitchen was disaster.  Tim is cleaning it up right now, sweetie pie that he is.

The meal was absolutely delicious.  The brussel sprouts were kind of sweet – tasted like delicate cabbage.  I’ll definitely make that again.  They paired well with the pork chops too.  The pork chops were not grass-fed.  I haven’t found any grass-fed pork locally yet.  Might have to order some on the internet.

Tomorrow I am making a grass-fed arm roast.  I’m already looking forward to it.

The challenge today dictated a “Full length PEM workout.”  That means that I should do 2 sets of the following: 25 pushups, 5 pullups, 2 minutes plank, and 50 squats.  Fortunately Mark recommends “progressions” of these exercises for those who, like me, cannot even do one real push up (yet).  So I did 30 wall push ups, 0 pulls ups (we ordered a Power Tower from Amazon, but it’s not here yet), 1 minute planks and 50 wall squats.  For the 2nd set, I did about 1/2 of everything.  It was exhausting, especially with my legs being super sore from running yesterday.

But I have good news – it’s not all pain – I weighed in at 145.9 today!  Three pounds lighter than Monday.  The large variance is probably due to water weight, but I’ll take it!

So we’re supposed to finally get a few inches of snow over the next couple of days.  I think it’s about time, but I will definitely miss the 50 degree weather.  I’ll have to go back to working out in  a stuffy old gym.  Bah.

My energy level today was not as good as yesterday.  I didn’t sleep well last night, so that could be it.  Maybe my body is adjusting to the lack of carbs.  We’ll see how the rest of the week pans out.

So, take care, and go out in play in the snow tomorrow, if we really get some!

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