Primal Day 4

See now, doesn’t that look delicious?! It was delicious.  I couldn’t eat it all, though.  I think that eating primally has made my stomach smaller, which is yet another good thing I’ve experienced on this ‘”diet” in the four days I’ve been on it.

For lunch today, I had to get creative, as I went out to Azteca with my boss and our friend, Gus.  I ordered fajitas with chicken and steak.  I topped it with the lettuce & guacamole and left the rice, beans, and tortillas untouched.  Next time I’ll have to tell them to not even bring those things out.  Even though I only ate 1/3 of the food proffered, I was still full at the end of lunch.

For a snack I ate two kiwi, which from all accounts is a magic superfood, and a few macademia nuts to mellow out the sugar rush.

Marta and I were going a little stir crazy on account of the bad weather preventing us from taking our morning and afternoon walks, so instead we hit the stairs and did 5 loops from the east stairwell, down through the main floor atrium, and up the west stairwell.  We got a few queer looks, but it will be we who have the last laugh – what with our healthy bodies and toned calves and whatnot.

After our stairwell trek, we got back down to business, which this afternoon consisted of planning a bake sale fundraiser for our Junior Achievement bowling team.  It’s going to be a doozie of a bake sale.  One of our teammates makes these awesome gourmet cupcakes.  Once the cupcakes even had an Oreo in the bottom of it!  It was a delightful surprise.  Of course I won’t be able to eat any of them, but I can sure sell the heck out of them.  I will be making my world famous (at least family & work famous) chocolate chip cookies, and I’ll also be selling my hand-made crocheted coozies for $5.  The lighting in here sucks right now, but you get the idea.

They are delightful.  Hopefully people will buy them and give me tons of orders for more, so I can quit my job and start crocheting coozies for $10 an hour.

If you care to make a donation to my team, you can do it online here.  We need to raise at least $300, and we’re about 1/2 way there.  I have a feeling that our awesome bake sale will raise like $40.

Okay, I’m back from that tangent.  As I mentioned yesterday, I was going to cook a roast today.  And I did!  It didn’t turn out half-bad.  It may have been slightly overcooked, but it was still tasty.  I re-heated the leftover brussel sprouts from yesterday and steamed a head of broccoli.   It was a very good meal.  I may have to resort to have some chocolate for dessert tonight, though, because Tim is torturing me by making cookies.  I will have to substitute.

On to another tangent, it snowed today!  Look at poor Lucent.

And finally, in regards to exercise.  I was supposed to do 20 to 60 minutes of cardio today, but, well, it snowed, and I didn’t want to go to the gym.  So there.

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