Primal Day 10

I don’t mean this blog to be my daily diary, but since how you eat has such a huge impact on how you feel and how much energy you have, I’m going to tell you all about day – albeit quickly and succinctly, hopefully.

This morning before work, I started some crockpot chicken tacos.  Then over lunch I ran to the grocery store because I decided that it would behoove me to make some primal treats for our Junior Achievement Fundraiser Bake Sale tomorrow.  (I decided to make primal chocolate chip cookies and primal omelette muffins.)  Then I went home and reheated some of yesterday’s beef soup.  When I got home from work this evening, I did the dishes from last night and then shredded the cooked chicken, chopped up some lettuce, grated some cheese (for Tim), ate supper with Tim and then made the cookies and the muffins and then did the dishes all again.  I sat down and watched a Lost episode with Tim, and then I did sets of planks, pushups, squats, side planks, and supermans.

To you that may not sound like that unusual of a day.  For my old self, that was almost unheard of.  I used to come home from work (starving), eat supper as soon as possible, sit on the couch to watch TV for a couple of hours, crawl into bed at 8:30 to read for 1/2 an hour, and the go to sleep.

So I would say that my energy levels on this eating plan are way, way better.

We had a team meeting at Azteca today – all the free chips and salsa you could want, but I resisted.  I wasn’t even that tempted, which was surprising because I LOVE chips and salsa.  But I knew that if I ate it, I wouldn’t feel good afterwards, and that was enough to keep me from it.

It might be more of a struggle to stay on point tomorrow, however.  My team is bringing TONS of delicious treats.  My treats are not delicious.  They are OK, especially for things that are good for you, but they are not deeeelicious in the way a Snickers cupcake or a Scotcheroo is delicious.  The cookies turned out OK.  I think I may have burnt them, but it’s kind of hard to tell because they are basically made of nuts and dates.  They look really dark, but nuts and dates are dark.  They don’t taste burnt, really.  If no one buys them tomorrow, I will definitely eat them.  They aren’t…bad.  The omelette muffins TASTE really good, but look a little silly.  After I took them out off the oven, they kind of collapsed into themselves.  They look weird but taste delicious.  The recipe called for 1/8 cup of mayo.  I toyed with idea of making my own mayo (found tons of good primal recipes), but I’ve already spent more on these treats than anyone will be willing to donate, so I had to draw the line somewhere.

So, synopsis for today – lots of energy.  My stomach felt better than yesterday; I avoided all dairy to be on the safe side.  I intended to go to the gym to get in some cardio, but it was super cold, and when I drove by the gym, it looked super busy.  So I super didn’t go.

Now I better head off to bed to read and to get my eyes away from the freakish, unnatural laptop light.

Good night all!

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