Primal Day 12

Breakfast – Two hardboiled eggs cut into chunks with 1/4 an avocado chunked up, both drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with salt and pepper.  Super, super delicious.

Lunch – It was snowing, so I didn’t want to trek home and back. Instead I went to the mall and had 2 entrees (no rice) from Panda Express.  I had Fire Chicken (chicken with pepper strips) and an all veggie entree (cabbage, onion, zucchini, etc.).  It was actually really tasty.  I’m sure it had more bad oils and sugars than I would use at home, but it was  good lunch for $5.35.

Supper – Tim had a long, rough day because of the weather, so I met him at Creekside on his walk home.  I had a glass of wine (a merlot that tasty good at the top and not so good at the bottom).  Then we walked over to Filling Station where I got the Filling Station Burger (a hamburger with an egg and bacon on top) with no bun and coleslaw instead of fries.  Again, I know this was not as healthy as something I would make at home, but for a supper out, it was good, and it was better for me than what I would have eaten before I went primal.  I would have eaten the bun and lots o’ fries.  And I would have had at least 1 if not 2 beers, but I had none.  A piece of cheese snuck in under the egg on the burger, though.  If I had read the menu more closely, I would have asked for them to leave that off.  Right after eating, my stomach started to get bloated – something I’ve notice happening whenever I eat cheese. I love cheese, but it doesn’t love me.

I was supposed to a PEM workout yesterday, but I ran out of time.  Instead I shoveled the steps and sidewalks around our house, walked to Creekside and Filling Station and then home.  It wasn’t hard-core exercise, but it was movement.  Walking in snow, even just a few inches takes a lot of energy.

Today is the Farmer’s Market, so I’m trying to figure out what I want to get.  I’m a little beefed out, so maybe some chicken?  No one at the FM sells grass-fed pork.  I might have to order some of that and some US wild-caught salmon from US Wellness Meats.  They seem to be the vendor of choice for the Primal crowd.

I have several CAFO pork chops in the fridge that I bought last week, so today I’m going to make either pork posole or pork fried rice.  The “rice” is actually made of grated cauliflower.  I’m really curious to try it.

Oh, and I was down to 144 this morning!  Six more pounds, and I will be able to wear my Luckys again.  I’m gonna be gifted all natural and burstin the seams.  Konichiwa bitches!

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