Primal Days 13 – 15

Um, yeah, so I’m a little behind.  Weekends are like that.  Busy.

So, where did I leave off?  Oh yeah – Saturday.  We went to the Farmer’s Market, ate primally I’m sure for breakfast and lunch, saw “Haywire,” ate HyVee Chinese (chicken kabob instead of egg roll and Mandarin Chicken with no rice).  I’m trying to remember…  All the days are blending together.  Let me just hit the highlights.

Tim got the Power Tower put together.  I am supposed to be able to (eventually) do 5 complete, real pull-ups.  At this point, I can do 0.  None.  Zip.  All I can do at this point is hop off a chair and lower myself down until my arms fail.  I have spindly, weak arms.  BUT.  BUT!!  I am up to 10 bent knee pushups!  That’s 4 more than I could do 2 weeks ago.  Progress, sweet progress.

What else?  Oh, I made my first primal shake. I was kind of craving ice cream, but instead I put all the following into the blender: ice cubes, frozen blueberries, dark cocoa powder, a frozen banana, a date, shredded coconut, pecans and coconut milk.  I tried to blend it all up in our 14-year-old, seldom-used blender, but nothing was happening, so I had to transfer the contents to the food processor, where everything blended up pretty nicely.  But, boy oh boy, was it messy – dark as night, delicious shake residue all over the food processor, the counter, the blender, my fingers, the bar, the  stool, the phones, the bartender – everywhere.  I thought it was damn delicious though.  Tim thought the darkness was off-putting.  Check out the pic in my Instagram feed (see the link on the right).

What else?  It was cloudy and depressing today.  I feel happier now that I have done a little exercise, but I was feeling pretty down in the dumps earlier.  I was hating my blue and tan cubicle and my stupid, uncomfortable office chair that makes my back hurt like a mother every Monday morning.  Argh.  I am so looking forward to sunshine and longer days.  I’m itching to get outside, so I can do some sprint workouts.

Today I was supposed to do my first “intermittent fast, ” which is where you try not to eat until you experience strong sensations of hunger.  I didn’t really do that.  Since I’m on a schedule at work, I kind of have to eat when I have my lunch break.  I should have tried it for supper, but, well, I didn’t.

I’m also supposed to get some “cave time” – time to disengage from digital stimulation.  Mark recommends going hiking for an hour or meditating on a park bench.  It’s 28 degrees and drizzly outside, so that doesn’t work for me today.  We need to move to California.

Tomorrow I am supposed to do a 20-60 aerobic workout, but we have to go grocery shopping tomorrow night, so I’m going to try to go at 5AM.  I feel way happier during the day if I work out in the morning, but it’s so difficult and unpleasant.  Wish me luck.

So, 2 weeks down, one more to go.  So far it’s been a positive experience.  My allergies have improved.  I’m down to 144, and I’ve lost another inch all around.  My stomach seems to be happier.  I’ve had some mood swings, but I have those anyway. I’m excited to see how I feel next Monday, after the 21-day challenge is over.

Take care, and have a pleasant evening!

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