Primal Day 17 – Regression Analysis

Today I was supposed to:

  1. Eat all meals outside of the home and stay primal-aligned.
  2. Do a full-length PEM workout (2 to 3 sets).
  3. Lifestyle – Reach Out – Talk to a family member or friend about going primal.

I did none of things things today.

The day started off on the wrong foot.  I reheated some of the frittata from last night, and I have to agree with Tim.  It is way overspiced.  It was almost nauseating.  It did not agree with my stomach at all.  I think it actually semi-poisoned us last night because Tim and I both slept horribly – woke up every hour, couldn’t get back to sleep, etc.  I am blaming the cumin.  It’s a hell-spice.

Then I had a meeting all day at work, and we worked through lunch, which was pizza (of course).  Short of eating all the toppings off (which doesn’t seem to be a super professional thing to do in a work-setting), there is not much you can do to make pizza primal.  So I ate it.  Two pieces to be exact.  My stomach didn’t explode, for which I was grateful.

After the excruciatingly long meeting, I caved into my desire for a refreshing drink and had 2 Amstel Lights (they were better than I thought they would be).  Tim and I went to Van’s for supper, and I had a not-very-primal supper of 3 fried mushrooms, a hamburger with no bun, and pencil-thin super crispy, salty fries.

Before you shake your head in disgust, look at the positive side.  Had I not been doing this primal diet at all, I probably would have had a bagel for breakfast, 3 or 4 pieces of pizza for lunch, a cookie and/or the little cakes they offered for desert, 2 or 3 carb-heavy microbrews, a full hamburger with fries and the bun, and at least 6 fried mushrooms.  I may have also dipped my fries in the ranch dressing.  BUT, I didn’t it.  I ate good bad, not bad bad.  I’m learning!

In regards to the full-length PEM workout, I tried.  I really tried, but my lats hurt like a mother from my “pull ups” Monday night.  I couldn’t even do more than 6 pushups because I am so sore.  Instead I did some other exercises to work the glutes and the rotator cuff.  Now I have a headache, though.  My third one of the day.  Is it because of the cumin?  Not eating carbs?  Eating too many carbs?  Mold in the humidifier filter?  Allergies?  Who the heck knows?

On the third point, I didn’t really “reach out” to anyone today.  I did tell my boss that he should go primal because he thinks he may be allergic to wheat.  If you can’t eat wheat, you might as well go primal.  I don’t think he seriously listens to me though – to his detriment, I say!

So today was overall not a good day, primally speaking.  Tim encouraged me, though, by saying that he noticed that I look more toned.  It was just the positive comment I needed to refocus myself to do better tomorrow.  I only have 4 more days of the official diet and then I’m on my own – for better or for worse.

Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.

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