Primal Carrot Cake Pancakes

I’ve been experimenting with different breakfast foods this weekend – thought I should break out of the eggs, bacon, sauteed veggies breakfast rut.  Yesterday I made a Berry Crumble from page  5 of Primal Blueprint Quick and Easy Meals.  Here is a photo:

The Berry Crumble is made up of a base of blueberries heated up with vanilla and a topping of walnuts, pecans, salt, cinnamon, nutmeg and butter.  You broil the concoction for about 3 minutes and then revel in the deliciousness.  Berries and nuts don’t sound very filling, but one serving of this filled me right up. I did top it with Greek yogurt too – super creamy and delicious.  Tim even added some to his oatmeal yesterday and today.  I will definitely make this again.

There are soooo many good primal recipe sites that I question the necessity of buying primal cookbooks.  However, I’ve really liked almost all of the recipes I’ve made from Mark’s book and have found the instructions to be more comprehensive and accurate than the recipes I’ve found on blogs.  I would definitely recommend this cookbook.  So far I’ve made these recipes from it and loved them: Steak with Romesco Sauce, Turnip Hashbrowns, Jalapeno Egg Salad, Broccoli with Almond Dressing,and Pork Chops with Shredded Brussel Sprouts.  I didn’t like the Tahini Chicken Salad though.  My chicken turned out rubbery, but I think that was my fault and not a fault of the recipe.

Today’s recipe I just found on the internet:

It’s very simple, although I did dirty a lot of dishes.  The recipe creator instructs you to “pour” about 1/4 of the batter into the pan and fry until a few bubbles appear.

Well, my batter was thick as paste, and there was no pouring to be had.

I scooped it out with a 1/4 measuring cup, plopped it on a hot, oiled skillet, and then mashed it down with a rubber scraper.  They actually cooked up really well.

The recipe recommended topping them with warmed up cream cheese or mascarpone.  I imagine that would be delicious, but I had neither of those things, so I settled for ghee, maple syrup, and black berries for toppings.  It was super delicious – just the perfect amount of sweetness and nuttiness.  I highly recommend this recipe and cannot wait to eat the leftovers for breakfast tomorrow.

So, happy Sunday to you1  Hope you get to get out and enjoy the sunshine today!

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