Lazy Hlo

Holy cow, it’s been an age since I’ve written anything.  Why have I been so remiss in my writing?  Who knows?  Vacation?  Laziness?  Busy-ness?  Lack of anything interesting to say?  Probably mostly the latter to tell you the truth.

Well, I’m writing tonight despite not having anything interesting to say.  It’s time to get back on the wagon and start writing again. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, and now it’s time to formulate some of those thoughts into words.  Well, not right now, but over the next couple of weeks.  Right now I’m just saying hi to my blog and then I’m going to go for a walk.

I’ll give a quick update, at least, on life in general.  I’m still doing the primal/paleo thing.  Still seeing great results.  I’m down to a size 4 and weigh 128.1, a weight I’ve not seen since I was perhaps 6?  I feel really good.  I’m struggling with allergies a little still.  I think that’s because I drink alcohol more than I should, and I don’t drink WHAT I should when I DO drink.  If I reigned that in, I’d probably feel better.  But, we’re going on vacation Wednesday, so the dial-in will have to wait until August.  Anyway, I’m feeling good.  I have some abs now and some arm and leg muscles.  I found awesome running shorts I love.  I’ve been running more regularly, probably because I love the shorts so much.  I’ve been getting up at 5AM and running, in point of fact.  It’s too hot to run any other time.  I’ve also finally started doing squats and lunges.  My ass is going to be to die for by the end of the summer, I swears.  What else, what else???  We took a trip to the beach for 4 days.  It was an awesome vacation of biking, jogging, reading, and staring at the beach, wondering how I can change my life so I can stare at the beach more.  We’re offsetting the relaxing vacation with an NYC vacation.  We’re Amtraking it.  Pray for no delays and break downs.

Work is work and is fine.

I haven’t been doing any art outside of a pencil drawing of Tim that looks like my uncle Jerry.

I’ve sold a few coozies on Etsy.  I’ve made like a whopping $40 bucks which has all gone towards rebuilding my wardrobe as most of my clothes aren’t fitting these days.

I did my first Codeacademy lesson in JavaScript tonight.  I’m going to be writing web pages in no time.  Not.  But I do have the itch to learn something new.  Coding?  Maybe?  We’ll see how patient I am and if I can reign in my frenetic mind for a few minutes each day to learn something.

Been reading a good book – Stumbling on Happiness.  It’s all about how we don’t really know what’s going to make us happy in the future because we are currently in the present and see everything through the present filter instead of the non-existent future filter.  God help us all.

Watched a cool Ted talk tonight. Here are the highlights – Level up your life every day.  Live life deliberately.  Collect experiences not stuff.  At least it made me not watch TV at all this evening.

So how’s that for a stream of consciousness post?  The next one will be more coherent, I swear.

Take care and have a pleasant, deliberate evening.

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