Sugar Detox Day 3

Pollen count: 4.9 out of 12

Allergy symptoms: My nose was running like a banshee this morning!  Is it because of the sugar and corn tortillas yesterday?  It is because the detox has no effect on my allergies, so my allergies are worse because I’m not taking Allegra?  Who knows??  It’s only day 3.  I gotta give it more time.

General feelings: I didn’t get hungry today, but my stomach was a little upset/bloated after lunch.  I sauteed veggies in ghee and mixed them up with sardines.  I don’t know if it was too much oil, or if the ghee didn’t set well with me (I don’t really like the taste…), but I felt a little nauseous for awhile after lunch.  Maybe it’s candida die off??

I ran 3.5 miles after work today, and it was a struggle.  My energy was not good, and my knees were hurting.  I don’t know if it’s due to the detox (candida die off can cause joint pain) or because I’m exercising at night now instead of the morning, and I am soooo a morning person!

So today was a struggle.  I felt a little mopey at work today too.  It’s quiet at the office because many people are out, so that’s a part of it.  Maybe got a case of the no-sugar blues too!  Hopefully tomorrow will be better!

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