Freedom!! Sweet Freedom

Wow.  It’s been almost 2 months since I’ve posted!  That’s what I get for going back to school.  I’m so stupid!

But the stupidness is over!  My team gave our final presentation on Friday, and so now all the hard work is done.  We just need to wait for the final grades to come in. I better get an A or all my self worth will be gone. Just kidding.  Kind of.

Between school and work, life has been crazy lately.  With school finishing up, life will start to get a little more normal.  It’s still a little wonky because Teeeeem and I are in full-on tri-training mode.  I’ve been swimming 3-4 times/week, and we’ve been adding in biking and running.  Yesterday I did the March of Dimes 3 mile walk, and then Tim and I biked 23 miles into a headwind both ways (dammit, Iowa!!).  Today we swam.  This afternoon I sat outside for about 3 hours and read, wrote emails, and attempted to vacuum a metric ton of Lucent hair out of the Fusion so that it looks appropriately pretty for the B-Boo’s visit on Thursday.  Yeah, that’s right, the Benny Boo is coming on Thursday!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Work is super crazy busy right now and will be for months and months.  Fortunately I have Benny’s visit to look forward to.  Then Nate & his lady are coming in June for the triathlon. I need to plan something for November/December, so I have something to look forward to after that.  It’s going to be one crazy summer, and I’m afraid not in a good way.  I’m trying to convince the Timmy Tee to go on a Caribbean trip.  I think that only way I will make it through these upcoming months is with the promise of white sandy beaches, turquoise ocean, and scads of free drinks.

So, that gets you up to speed on my life.  The true purpose of this post is to report on a couple of good recipes I tried last week.

First of all I made an old favorite, Balsamic-Glazed Drumsticks.  This is the 3rd time I’ve made these, and each time 1) They are delicious and 2) They set off the fire alarm for an hour.  I guess it’s the high heat and the oil?  Anyway, they always taste super great, and they are the essence of easy. I do need to get a prasty/food brush though, so I’m not always fingering our food.  Don’t be perverted!!

Chicken in Buttery Caper Sauce:  This recipe was AWESOME.  I put the breasts in a large ziploc baggie and then smashed the hell out of them with a small skillet.  They came out super moist and delicious, as would almost anything that is cooked in 6 tablespoons of fat.  This is a not a cheap recipe, considering the copious amounts of olive oil, butter, and capers, but it’s well worth the expense.

Slow-Cooked Coconut Ginger Pork:  This is another recipe that I found on Mark Sisson’s website (thank you, Mark!).  I thought it turned out super delicious.  I shredded the pork after it cooked all day and served it with sauteed veggies and slices of avocado.  It served up 2.5 meals.  Tim liked it, my friend Michael thought it was super delicious, and I thought it was great too. I will definitely make this again.

As mentioned, the B-Boo is home this week, so we’ll be eating out a lot, but I also want to make him some of my primal favorites – brisket, sweet potato salad, and coconut bars.  Besides that we’ll be eating a lot of brats (NYC only has Johnsonsville brats – travesty!!), beer, and local favorites. I’ll probably weigh about 5 lbs more by the end of the week, but with tri training going into full force, I can probably use the extra calories.

Hope you all are having a great week.  It’s beautiful here in Iowa.  You really couldn’t ask for a prettier, more gorgeous, awesome day.  Hopefully I will be more regular in my posting going forward.  Thanks for reading!

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