Month: September 2013

Recipe Catch-up

Despite it being a rather busy week, I’ve been doing some (if I do say so myself) delicious home cooking lately.  I’ve been fantasizing about opening my own paleo treat business – perhaps solely as a way to justify making unreasonable amounts of paleo desserts.  On the advice of a friend, I made Chocolate Avocado […]

Pork Foray

We recently took our first foray into the world of buying meat in bulk directly from the farmer/butcher.  One of my friends on Facebook mentioned that he had purchased a hog from a local farm, and that the meat was great.  I got the details from him and contacted the farmer on Facebook.  They explained […]

Paleo Alfredo Sauce!!! So good it deserves 3 exclamation marks!

We had a recipe success this evening in the Longoria household:  Paleo Alfredo with Caramelized Leeks & Bacon.  I dirtied almost every dish in the house making this, but it was delicious – very creamy and filling.  And very oniony.  I used 3 leeks because when I bought them at the Farmers Market, they came […]