And suddenly it’s Fall

Last week was H O T.  On Sunday it turned C O L D.  As in, I think it might start snowing any minute.  The good thing about the drastic temperature swing, however, is that I’m in full-on cooking mode.  Tonight I prepped pork ribs for the crockpot tomorrow, a whole chicken to bake Wednesday night, and I’m currently baking the awesomest muffins ever:  Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins.  I made a batch of them on Saturday, and they were obliterated by Sunday morning.  So I’m making batch #2.  These are awesome.  I really shouldn’t be making them because they have quite a bit of sugar in the form of maple syrup, and sugar often makes me inexplicably feel like crying.  But I’m so happy when I eat these – maybe it all evens out.

Tomorrow will be my first attempt at ribs!  I put the spice rub on them tonight, and I will put them in the Nesco Roaster all day tomorrow, and then when I get home from work tomorrow night I’ll make the paleo BBQ sauce to slather over them.  Hopefully they turn out well.

I tried a new recipe last week:  Greek-Style Lamb Meatballs.  These were good, but if I’m going to make lamb meatballs, I’m going to make these:  Ginger & Lemongrass meatballs.  They are AMAZING.  Like you can’t stop eating them.

I also made a tried and true recipe – Heavenly Paleo Meatloaf.  I can’t find the recipe online anymore, but if you want it, leave a message in the comments, and I’ll type it up for you.  Tim and I are both huge fans of this.  We ate the last of it for supper tonight -mashed up with Tim’s homemade sauerkraut and sliced Claussen Spicy Dill pickles.  So tasty.

Oh man, our house smells so good right now.  I wonder how long it will be before we get sensory blogs – where you can *smell* the food people write about?

And with Fall comes more time for reading!  I’m almost done with A Guide to the Good Life:  The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy.  This book is so good that I got overdue library fines on it and then went out and bought it anyway.  The book is an explanation of the philosophy of stoicism, and stoicism is not what you think it is.  Stoicism is not about being reserved and controlled, it’s about learning to be happy with what you already have.  It helps you break free from the cycle of consumerism and from constantly chasing your insatiable desires.  Once I finish it, I’m going to re-read it and then make everyone I know read it.

I also just bought a book (for $1.07!) by Margaret Atwood at the used book store.  I ran across an article about her on Lifehacker, and it piqued my interest.  She is friends with Ursula K. Le Guin, who I really like, so I figured I would try her out.  My brainy Facebook friends highly recommend her as well, so I’m excited to start the book.

And despite the shorter days, coolers temps, and copious amounts of food, I’m still trying to stay on top of my fitness regime.  Our biking has definitely slaked off, but we’ve had some nice, long runs.  Our next race is the 5 mile Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving.  My bros are doing with us, so I am really looking forward to it. I need to start swimming again too, lest I forget how.  Tim wants to do at least 1 tri next summer, so I need to keep working on my swimming skilz.

And, now it’s time to r e l a x.  Have a great evening.  And go buy A Guide to the Good Life. I command thee!  And read it post haste.

4 thoughts on “And suddenly it’s Fall

  1. Madelon

    Sorry to cause you work, but I’d love the recipe to Heavenly Paleo Meatloaf.

    I grabbed the muffins and the meatball recipes you mention here.

    Love your blog…you are a kindred soul!

    1. hlofromcello

      Thank you!! I wish I could give proper credit for this recipe, but I didn’t print out the URL, so I don’t know where I got it!

      Heavenly Paleo Meatloaf

      2.5 lbs ground beef (I used 2)
      1 lb ground pork
      2T coconut flour
      1 c diced white onion
      8 cloves minced garlic
      ½ c red bell pepper – diced
      ¾ c red sauce (1/2 c mixed in, ¼ c reserved for top
      1 egg, beaten
      1 t salt
      ¼ t pepper

      Directions for sauce
      6 oz can tomato paste
      3 T vinegar (I used 1 T ACV and 2 T Rice wine vinegar)
      ¼ t dried mustard
      1/3 c water
      ½ t salt
      ¼ t cayenne pepper
      ½ T garlic powder
      Squirt of lemon

      Combine all ingredients in bowl except ¼ c red sauce. Mix well. Shape into oiled loaf pans. Top with remaining red sauce. Bake at 350 for 1.5 hrs. I pour out the liquid ½ way through cooking.

  2. Madelon

    Thanks. I love meatloaf and hadn’t figured out how to make it since I gave up gluten. I was going to use gluten-free bread, but this will be better….no grains! Thanks!


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