My first rib foray

We got some country-style ribs with the hog that we had slaughtered, so I figured I better try my hand at cooking them up.  My friend makes ribs in the crockpot and says they are the bees knees, so I melded his advice with a paleo recipe:  Oven -Baked Paleo Pork Ribs.  I used the recipe as a guide for the rub, but instead of baking the ribs, I put them in the Nesco Roaster and let them slow cook all day at about 200 degrees.  When I got home around 5, the house smelled amazing, and the ribs were super tender.  I foolishly poured out all the liquid that had cooked out of them. That pork fat mixed with the spice rub would have tasted delicious poured over the ribs or added to some stir-fried rice!

While the ribs rested I set to work on the Paleo BBQ sauce.  It turned out horrible.  The recipe didn’t call for ANY sugar (or any paleoish subs like honey or maple syrup), which seemed odd for a BBQ sauce, so I added some coconut sugar.  I don’t know what I did wrong (did the sugar spoil it??), but the sauce was super tangy and bitter.  Bleh!

So, to get to the point.  The rub was fabulous, and I’ll definitely make it again.  The sauce was horrible, and I hope to never see it’s face again.

1 thought on “My first rib foray

  1. Madelon

    I imagine you threw out the rib fat on automatic programming by our USA society that says that “fat is bad”. Whereas we know better now, and know that fat is one of the mainstays of the human diet. I agree, would have been great on the ribs or rice. Well, we must re-program our brains after serious false-programming done in the 60’s- 10’s.


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