Fall Cookin’

It’s Fall.  That means:

1.  I want to bake all the time.  I made these pumpkin muffins again on Saturday, and by Sunday evening they were goners.  I found this article with 33 recipes that all sound fantastic.  I think I’m going to have to make this one tonight.  I’m in love with pumpkin.

2. It’s dark.  Like all the time.  I packed up my backpack last night with every intention of hitting the pool this morning before work. But, I woke up, and it’s cold and dark outside, and I decided that shopping for boots was a better use of my time.  I saved $80 by shopping this morning!  Amazon is offering 25% off boot purchases over $100, so I ordered these. If they end up working out, they will be my 4th pair of Fryes.  I have their Carson Oxfords, their Carson Ballet Flats, and the Campus Boot.  Yes, they are expensive, but I have yet to actually wear out a pair of their footwear!!  We’ll see how these boots work out.  I’m going to NYC on Thursday to visit my bros, and I NEED some awesome boots with which to impress them.

3.  I want to eat all the stuffs.  Our office is rife with leftover Halloween candy.  It’s horrible.  Fortunately this insatiable desire to eat has motivated me to try some new recipes.  I made this Primal Ham Bone Soup on Sunday.  My mom got us some beautiful, unique squash (squashes??), so I chopped some of those up and put them into the soup.  I also added some smoked ham hocks.  I put the works in the Nesco at about 7AM Sunday morning, and by 2PM, we had delicious soup.  The squash completely disappeared!  I think it melded with the broth.

I wanted to make buns to go with the soup because there isn’t anything better than buttered buns and ham soup.  This Paleo Dinner Rolls recipe sounded delicious, and the picture of the rolls made my mouth water.  Well, I broke our 1 cup Pyrex measuring cup, so I had to use our 2 cup measuring cup.  The measurement indicators are, to say the least, confusing.  I think I ended up adding twice as much water & oil as required.  The dough was not doughy AT ALL.  It was barely the consistency of go-gurt.  I tried to salvage the concoction by pouring the batter into a loaf pan and baking it. I baked it for 60 minutes.  The top and bottom paper-thin layers were salty & delicious, and the middle was just straight up gelatinous.  Gross.  I will have to try these again with the proper measurements next time.

Hopefully we’ll have an easy winter this year, so that we can still get outside and exercise and see the sun.  I’m already getting depressed, and it’s only November 4.  I’m doubling up on my Vitamin D supplements to see if that helps.  I think a contributing factor to my downsies is the fact that I just finished a huge project at work and am feeling rather listless.  It was nice, albeit stressful, to have something all consuming in your life for awhile.  It relieved me of the need to think about and plan out how to spend my time.  Now I have no excuses!  Maybe I’ll take my new-found mental freedom and watch seasons 2 and 3 of Downtown Abbey.  I do have an afgan that needs crocheted!

And that’s it for the evening.  I’m taking my boot-shopping, TV-watching, dessert-baking self to bed.  Adios!

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    1. As I was researching which boots to get (which is tough because almost all styles get 4+ stars), I ran across someone who “collects” Fryes. She gets a new pair every year! Where would you even PUT all of those??

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