Breakfast for Supper and Other Happy Things

Wow.  What a busy weekend.  It’s nice to DO stuff on the weekends because you’re living life, experiencing things, putting yourself out there, etc.  BUT by DOING stuff on the weekends, you make the weekends go by way too fast.  Next thing you know it’s Monday morning at 5:54AM, and you have to be to work […]

Slow Cooker Mediocrity

I made another recipe in the Nesco today:  Slow Cooker Paleo Chicken with Parsnip Puree.  As with many of the slow cooker recipes I’ve tried, this one turned out fairly bland and uninteresting.  Again, perhaps I did not make this correctly (mine did NOT turn out looking as tasty at the picture in the blog […]

Thai Chicken Patties

As promised in my last post, I’m trying some new recipes and doing more cooking at home this week.  It’s amazing how quickly one’s abs disappear after eating a few restaurant meals.  Ugh – chicken wings you are so tasty but so bad for me!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tonight we tried Thai Chicken Patties with Cabbage Slaw.  We […]

Paleo Cookies and Happy Chihuahuas

Tim and I have an absolutely ancient chihuahua named Lucent.  We are currently sitting in our back yard enjoying this absolutely perfect spring day, and he is slowly wandering around the yard, pausing in patches of sunshine, looking for rabbit poop which is evidently delicious.  He’s old, he is partially blind, his back bends at […]