Swedish Meat-a-balls

We tried another new recipe tonight:  Swedish Meatballs.  This time I behaved and followed the recipe almost perfectly.  My only changes where I used whole milk instead of heavy cream (because organic heavy cream is 4.99 for a 1/2 pint!!), and I used my big ice cream scoop to make the balls. I think they are supposed to be tiny, but that sounded like an exercise in frustration.  So I made them big and tasty like me.

They did turn out pretty well!  They tasted fairly Swedish-y, and the sauce was very delicious.  I found it frustrating cooking the meatballs on the stove top though – the balls in the center of the pan got overcooked, and the outer balls were undercooked.  I have a large cast-iron skillet that enjoys not heating evenly.  I think if/when I make this again, I’ll bake them.

I served these with baked sweet potatoes and an organic salad.  It was a very nice, simple meal.

Hope you have a great, productive evening, and thanks for reading!!

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