October Breeze

Whole-leeeee Cow. It’s October 25th, and I haven’t made a post since 9/30.  I’ve really been slacking off lately.  In my defense, it’s been a month of visiting with family, biking, hiking, traveling, and figuring things out.  All that stuff takes time!  And then you add the jay oh bee on top of it, and October is gone, baby, gone.

As usual, when life gets wonky, I fall out of my routine of eating for health instead of tastiness and then start to feel the results.  I’m going to get back in my rhythm of cooking and eating at home more, and I’m going to start making it to yoga class at least twice a week. Maybe I’ll even work up the courage to try hot yoga.  If I pass out, hit my head, and die, please know that I really appreciate you reading my blog.

So, all that is said to say that I should be posting more regularly going forward!

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