The Electricity of Touch

I’ve long been fascinated with science fiction. ¬†I grew up watching Dr. Who, Star Wars, Star ¬†Trek, Misfits of Science. ¬†I loved Madelaine L’Engle’s books, as well as The Girl With Silver Eyes, Dune, anything by Ursula K Le Guin, Lord of the Rings. ¬†I was so hopeful that there was magic in the world, […]

Adding Adductors to your Body Body of Knowledge

Yes. ¬†I purposefully tried to make the title of this blog as confusing as possible. ¬†Why? ¬†Does it mean I’m not a good writer? ¬†Does it mean I don’t care about the edification of my readers? ¬†Does it mean my brain finds pleasure in confusing word play that takes a couple of moments to figure […]

On Following Your Dreams (aka making uncommon decisions)

It’s been a long time since I’ve written. ¬†Mostly that is because I think I utterly exhausted my brains and will in making the decision to move to Florida, cut back to part-time, and go to school for massage therapy. ¬†All of that just plump wore me out. But now the decision is made. ¬†And […]

On the Importance of Movement

Where have I been, you may be wondering?? ¬†Well, let me tell you. It’s a story that begins at the latest last summer and at the earliest back in high school, with a few milestones in between. I’ll start at the most recent beginning, which is last summer. For the past several years, especially since […]

After further thought…

My students Thursday night asked me a couple of questions that I was not really prepared to answer. ¬†I tossed out the first thing that came to the top of my head, but after further reflection, I have more to add. It takes awhile for my brain to get into gear! Question 1: ¬†What is […]

Where Worlds Collide

Last week I attended the Iowa Women Lead Change Conference in Cedar Rapids, IA. ¬†It was a really amazing conference, with a lot of thought-provoking speakers. ¬†But what really blew my mind, was that when I went to the Dubuque Yoga and Oneness Festival two days later, a lot of the same concepts were presented. […]

May Workshops

I have 2 brand new workshops going on at Indigo this month, as well as an old favorite. I would love to see you there! Location: Indigo Wellness 1621 5th Avenue, Moline IL 61265 Cost per workshop: $25 per 90-minute class or $20 if you register 5 days before the event. Only 15 spots available, […]

New Classes

Hola Folkses!! ¬†I have 2 more workshops scheduled at Indigo. ¬†Check out the Teaching Schedule page for detes. In April I will be putting together at least 1 or 2 core-focused classes that will include ¬† healthy eating ideas, simple recipes, and other ways to take care of the contents IN the gut and not […]

Yoga Tune Up¬ģ Workshops

I’m offering a series of Yoga Tune Up¬ģ workshops at Indigo in September/October. ¬†Details can be found on my Teaching Schedule page: ¬† I would love to share this unique teaching style with you! ¬†In my normal, every-day corporate life, I see so many people struggling with tension, stress, anxiety, and dis-embodiment. ¬†If you are […]