Scones.  Yum.  My friend, Marta, and I LOVE Panera scones, especially the ones with that powdered sugar glaze.  They are all sorts of delicious.  Unfortunately they are not at all paleo.  Consequently, I was forced to make paleo scones for work today.

I tried this recipe for Apple Cinnamon Scones.  My workmates thought it turned out tasty, and I agree in general.  I think I overbaked them, however.  Since they are made with almond flour, they are dark to start with, so it’s very difficult to tell when they are “golden brown.”  Usually when I make paleo desserts I end up under baking them, so I erred the other way and cooked these too long.  BUT they turned out good enough that I’ve eaten 4 of them since last night.  Granted, they are pretty small if you make 16 slices, but still. 🙂  I would definitely make these again, but next time I might add some raisins. I would also like to experiment with making homemade whipped cream.  I think that would be fabulous on top of these scones.

But, as with all paleo desserts, I can’t make them often. I end up eating too much of them.  And today was a day for overeating – lots of scones, Himalayan dark chocolate salted almonds, and Reese’s Pumpkins.  Oh boy.

Recipe Catch-up

Despite it being a rather busy week, I’ve been doing some (if I do say so myself) delicious home cooking lately.  I’ve been fantasizing about opening my own paleo treat business – perhaps solely as a way to justify making unreasonable amounts of paleo desserts.  On the advice of a friend, I made Chocolate Avocado Muffins.  At first bite, I was not a fan.  They seemed too oily and not sweet enough.  Tim said they were too coconutty.  However, I stored the muffins in the fridge overnight, and the next day they were delicious cold!  Tim and I both ended up really liking them.  This recipe is a keeper.

Next on the dessert tip was Paleo Fudgy Brownies.  I don’t think I’ve ever disliked a recipe from Health-Bent, and this was no exception.  I struggled with knowing if/when the brownies were fully cooked, on account of the fudginess.  I think I ended up cooking them 10 minutes longer than the recipe said – until a toothpick inserted came out pretty clean.  Straight out of the oven they were super soft.  However, I put them in the fridge, and =now I can’t keep my dirty mitts out of them.  They are super soft, chocolatey, creamy, and delicious.  So delicious, in point of fact, you have to eat them with a spoon.  And you want to eat the whole pan instead of just one.  I was reading the comments on the website, and someone had the gall to comment, “These were disgusting.”  That’s such a d-bag thing to say.  No, “I appreciate the time and energy these people put into perfecting and posting this recipe, but I was not a fan.”  Just a blanket, “These were disgusting.”  I think that poster is disgusting.  So there.

No on to real food. I made yet another Health-Bent recipe, Thai Basil Beef Balls.  We had these with a nice organic salad last night, and they are by far one of our favorite meat ball recipes now, second only the the Ginger and Lemongrass Meatballs.  I made 1/2 a batch in case we didn’t like the recipe (fish sauce can be kinda sketchy), but I wish I would have made a full batch.  I modified the recipe by using a sauteed pepper instead of a roasted pepper (I didn’t have the time or inclination to roast a pepper), but I followed the rest of the recipe to a T.

Now on to tonight.  I made Omelet Muffins and Brussels Sprouts with Bacon.   It was a bonkers good supper.  Tim will heartily agree.  For the muffins, I added kefir, avocado oil instead of mayo, mild Italian sausage from our delicious pig haul, and chopped up into fine pieces the following:  zucchini, pickled jalapenos & carrots, broccoli, garlic, green onions, red pepper, spinach, and fresh basil and oregano.  I doubled the recipe, so I used 12 eggs.  It ended up making 20 muffins!  I had to bake them about 5 minutes longer than the recipe called for, on account of the extra liquid (kefir and then avocado oil instead of mayo), but Tim said they turned out perfect – nice and fluffy.  They were paired nicely by the brussel sprouts cooked in bacon grease with bacon bits and onions.  I didn’t want to stop eating.  But that may be more of a hormonal thing than a tasty food thing.  It’s probably both 🙂

So that’s an update on all my new recipes so far.  Now I’m going to go sit on the couch and shop online at Banana Republic because they hooked me with a $30 coupon off a $100 purchase.  BR knows my buttons.

Have a good night y’all!

Dangerous Paleo Treat

My coworker introduced me to this fantastic recipe:  Chocolate Coconut Bars.  He said they taste just like dark chocolate Mounds.  I have to say, he is correct, only I think these actually taste better!  They are super easy to make and dangerously delicious.  I think I could easily eat the whole pan.  Next time I make them, however, I’m going to double the chocolate for the topping and add a smidge more salt to the coconut mixture.  I’m afraid these alterations will make them even more delicious though.  Going forward I can only make these for company because I cannot be trusted around these things.  Sure, they are paleo, technically, but they have 1/4 cup of honey plus 1/2 cup of chocolate chips, so they have a lot of sugar/carbs in them.  But, boy.  Are they ever tasty!!