Hlo Heaven

Today’s post will be brief, as I’ve been procrastinating (watching Great British Baking Show, cooking food, looking at Facebook, you know ūüôā ), and I still have lots of studying to do, and Tim and I are supposed to play Jaipur too! ANYWAY, ¬†I wanted to let you know about an exciting development. ¬†We are […]

The Fabulous, Fantastic, Fearless Foot

I now know ALL the muscles in the body. ¬†Ha! I wish. ¬†I mean, I think I’ve probably learned about all the muscles in the body, but I don’t remember them all. ¬†Yet. ¬†We just finished up learning about the lower body, all the way down to the feet. ¬†I had no idea that feet […]

Butt Stuff

Yep. ¬†Are you like Troy Barnes? ¬†Do you love Butt Stuff? ¬†¬†Well then you’re in luck! ¬†We covered Butt Stuff this week. ¬†And by “Butt Stuff” I mean all that meat that covers your backside. ¬†Did you know that there are actually 3 different gluteal muscles that make up “the glutes”? ¬†Yes! It’s true. The […]

Week 3 – On Contemplating Change Vs. Implementing Change

Today was the first week of normal classes at CNS. ¬†Monday we had Basic Massage. Tuesday was Advanced Technique. Wednesday was Business. Thursday was more Advanced Technique. ¬†Friday was Anatomy and Pyshiology. I’m concerned about my success in A&P because I cannot yet spell physiology correctly. ¬†Wait! I think I just figured it out!! It’s […]

After further thought…

My students Thursday night asked me a couple of questions that I was not really prepared to answer. ¬†I tossed out the first thing that came to the top of my head, but after further reflection, I have more to add. It takes awhile for my brain to get into gear! Question 1: ¬†What is […]

The dangers of learning

I just returned home this morning from my 5th Yoga Tune Up¬ģ training, the Core Integration Immersion. If you take a body and chop off the head, arms, and legs – well, not only would you have a horrible mess, but in the chunk left over, you have a good representation of the area we […]

On Becoming a Roll Model

Well, it’s official! ¬†I attended The Science of Rolling, Ball Sequencing¬†& Innovation, turned in the homework and took the final. I am now a Certified Roll Model¬ģ Method Practitioner! ¬†What does this mean, you ask? ¬†It means that I can guide you through some really amazing self-myofascial sessions that will leave you feeling more relaxed, […]

Woo Boy – And… It’s almost September

Holy cow. August is almost over. ¬†Where did it go?? ¬†What happened to Summer? ¬†Will life continue to fly by like this? Ok, I’ll get you up to speed on the important stuff. ¬†I went to the Yoga Tune Up¬ģ Breath & Bliss in L.A. ¬†It was a 3 day intensive all about down regulating […]

Summer in Iowa

How do you know it’s summer in Iowa? ¬†Well, I just spent 30 minutes cutting up kale, zucchini, summer squash, potatoes, onions, and watermelon. ¬†Tim is grilling the potatoes and onions (check me out on Instagram for picture proof), and the rest of the menagerie is going into the fridge for eatin’ later on. ¬†We […]