Primal Day 8

We spent the night at Mom & Dad’s last night, so I didn’t make my usual breakfast of eggs and sautéed veggies.  Instead I had a slice of Mom’s spinach quiche.  It was very rich (made with spinach, onions, eggs, cream and lots o’ cheese), but very tasty.  It did have a crust on it, but I pulled most of it off.

We got back to the QC in time to go to the gym.  One of today’s challenges (from The Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation) is to do a Sprint Workout.  This involves doing brief bouts of exercise at 80 to 90 percent of your maximum heart rate.  Preferably, I would sprint outside, but since it’s snowy and muddy and cold, I “sprinted” on the exercise bike at the gym by pedaling as hard as I could for 60 sections every 5-10 minutes or so.  I’m really looking forward to better weather, so I can get outside and really get my heart going.  I’m too scared to try sprinting on the treadmill – getting the treadmill to go faster is no problem, but getting it to slow down when I’m running super fast – disaster.

For lunch Tim and I ate at Bent River.  We both had today off, so we celebrated a little bit.  I got a beer to see how it felt.  It felt alright.  It did taste a little sweeter than usual – again, maybe my taste buds have changed over this past week.  For food I got the Wisconsin Pub Burger, which consists of a hamburger topped by, oh yeah, a brat.  Of course I pulled off the bun and proceeded to make a “salad” of the burger, brat, sauerkraut, and coleslaw.  I’m sure it wasn’t the healthiest meal in the ‘verse, but it was tasty, and it kept me full until 7PM.

After lunch we did our monster grocery shopping trips to Hy Vee and Target and stocked up on veggies, nuts, and meat.  The grocery bill at HyVee was $75, which seemed like a lot for 3 bags of groceries, but they should feed us for a week.  And our meal at Bent River was $26 (with a coupon), and that only fed us one meal.

Once we returned home, Tim combined Nappa cabbage, regular cabbage, radishes, ginger, and peppers together in a glass jar to make some kimchi.  Should be ready in a couple of weeks.  If you want to see a picture, check out the link to the right, My Instagram Feed.

I had put an arm roast in the Nesco roaster at 11 this morning.  We had a little wine leftover from Friday, so I added that to the pot instead of water.  By the time we got home around 4 or 5, it was already well-done.  It tasted good, but I think I’m already starting to get roasted out.  All the roasts have this same sweetish smell to them that’s starting to get to me.  I’m planning on making some chicken in the roaster later this week.  Hopefully it won’t have that same sweet smell.

We had a late supper of a huge salad (romaine, radicchio, radishes, avocado, green & yellow peppers, and mushrooms) with chunks of the roast cut up into the salad.  I bought some olive oil from the farmer’s market on Saturday.  It’s from  I drizzled that and some apple cider vinegar over the salad.  It was quite tasty.

So tomorrow I should do another weigh-in.  I haven’t been following the diet this weekend as assiduously as I had planned, so I am just hoping for the best tomorrow.  If I haven’t gained,  I will be happy.  I am feeling really good – very energetic and positive.  Hopefully I will feel so amazing by the end of this 21 days that no one will be able to resist my proselytizing, and I will be able to convince my parents and Tim to join the fold.

And now it’s time to go to bed.  What a busy, busy. day.  How is it that 3-day weekends go by even faster than 2-day weekends!!

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