Sugar Detox Day 4

Pollen Count: 4.5 out of 12

Allergy symptoms:  Tons o’ nasal drip today, but my head didn’t feel floaty. Yay!

General Feelings:  I ate A LOT of protein today.  I had an egg casserole for breakfast, a burger with a side of brat for lunch, and chicken with veggies and sweet potato for supper.  I had coleslaw with lunch, so I’m sure there was some sugar in there.  I was able to go out with my coworkers after work and not drink any alcohol!  The chips and queso were harder to resist…

My stomach has been feeling a little bloated.  I’m not sure why!  Hopefully it’s my body getting rid of the candida.  I’ve read on other blogs that you can be kind of messed up through day 3 or 4.  So tomorrow I should feel fantastic, right??  My mood and energy are MUCH better today than yesterday, so that’s good. I’ll keep at this for another 1.5 weeks and see what happens!

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